Vicky Ford MEP

Member of the European Parliament for the East of England

25 OCT 2012

East of England MEP urges small and medium sized companies to take part in anti red-tape consultation

Vicky Ford, Conservative MEP for the East of England, is urging small and medium sized businesses to speak out against over-regulation from the EU by taking part in a consultation to find the "top 10 most burdensome legislative acts for SMEs."

The consultation process is aimed at Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and their representative organisations, and hopes to identify the top ten EU legislative acts considered most burdensome by micro-companies and SMEs. The consultation is open now and will run until 21 December 2012. Once complete, the European Commission will analyse the results and  consider how the situation for SMEs could be improved. Areas covered in the consultation include services, customs,  employment and social affairs, energy, product safety, environment and taxation, and the survey is open to all small and medium sized enterprises, as well as organisations representing the interests of SMEs.

Mrs Ford said: "I'm aware that small businesses often find the burden of bureaucracy and red tape overwhelming. Last year I contacted over 9000 micro-businesses across the East of England, giving them advice on how to seek assistance on a number of matters. I received a great number of responses from companies who asked me to urge the European Commission to look at reducing the burden of legislation on smaller companies. Since then I have raised this issue in Brussels on every possible  occasion. The European Commission has finally agreed to carry out this consultation which I hope can be a first step in the right direction, but only if they get honest feedback from businesses. I would urge companies to take part and get their voices heard. Furthermore, if you are involved in a small business and have a specific problem with any individual EU law then do let me know as well. "

Mrs Ford has this week written to all organisations in the East of England who offer support to small businesses, such as the Federation for Small Businesses and Chamber of Commerce, urging them to promote the consultation amongst their members.

Companies can take part in the online consultation by visiting

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