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13 FEB 2017

Thalidomide Campaigner Takes Case to Brussels

Thalidomide Campaigner Takes Case to Brussels

A Suffolk campaigner, who is working with fellow Thalidomide survivors from across Europe has taken his case to Brussels. Roland Bareham, from Sudbury, joined campaigners from all across Europe when they held a special screening of a film about Thalidomide in the European Parliament.

Thalidomide, which caused defects at birth, was produced by a German company. Survivors believe they have a case for compensation from the German Government. There are over 450 survivors living in the UK today, aged between 55 and 59 years old, all affected in different ways. Many sufferers were born without fully formed limbs and as survivors approach retirement, their needs will become more specific and costly.

The Thalidomide campaigners have requested a meeting with the German Minister for Families to address the case for compensation. But the meeting has been refused.

Whilst in Brussels, Mr Bareham also met East Anglian Conservative MEP Vicky Ford to explain their case. Mrs Ford said, "It is clear that the survivors of Thalidomide believe that their case has never been treated seriously by the German authorities. It's pretty shocking that the German Minister, a socialist, has refused to even meet those who were affected. I have written to my German conservative MEP colleagues, from Angela Merkel's party, asking for their support."

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