05 FEB 2016

Anglia Late Edition - February 2016

Last night Vicky was in an ITV panel debate on the UK's renegotiation. The discussion took place with Patrick O'Flynn (UKIP), Richard Howitt (Labour), and Catherine Bearder (Lib Dem).


You can watch the full video HERE

04 FEB 2016

Do UK MEPs get key positions of power in Europe?

Voting records only tell one part of who gets what in the European parliament. Another important issue is who holds the powerful agenda-setting positions in the parliament.

UK MEPs have chaired seven different committees. Of particular note is the fact that a Brit has chaired the powerful internal market committee continuously since 2004 (a critical policy area for the UK).

In the current parliament, Brits chair 3 key committees: internal market and consumer protection (Vicky Ford), civil liberties and justice and home affairs (Claude Moraes), and (international) development (Linda McAvan).


Read more at The Gaurdian.

03 FEB 2016

Academics across Europe join Brexit debate

A UK debate over whether to leave the European Union (EU) is drawing in academics from across the continent.

One big uncertainty is money. UK universities rely on the EU for around 16% of their total research funding. And scientists working in the United Kingdom are disproportionately successful at winning such awards compared to applicants in other member states.

The EU would lose a powerful political voice pushing for science, says Vicky Ford, a UK Conservative Party member of the European Parliament who supports EU reform. She says that UK votes have been crucial in parliamentary decisions that have affected the entire bloc, including reductions to red tape in the awarding of funds, and improvements to science-advice mechanisms in EU politics. Without UK votes, Ford says, EU research would have paid a price: "Definitely there would have been less money."

Read more at Nature.com

02 FEB 2016

Country sports groups put up united front against planned shake-up of Europe's gun laws

The Countryside Alliance and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation have put up joint objections to a proposed tightening of European firearms legislation on the basis it would unfairly discriminate against users of licensed sporting guns.

Representatives from the two groups, which between them have nearly 250,000 members, met with MEP Vicky Ford, at a roundtable event to discuss recently proposed amendments to the European Firearms Directive.

And Jack Knott of the Alliance added: "The roundtable event was a success. We got our views over to Vicky Ford and it was encouraging to hear her say that the current proposals are 'a rushed text with a number of unintended consequences'.

Read more at Western Morning News.

09 JAN 2016

MEP Vicky Ford to oversee plans for tougher EU gun laws

The East of England MEP Vicky Ford has been appointed to oversee the scrutiny and amendment of tougher EU gun laws in the wake of last November's terrorist attack in Paris.

Mrs Ford will host a series of working groups and hearings with experts from across Europe and the UK, with a view to finalising her report by early spring. This will then be followed by discussions with MEPs and governments from other countries before a final law is agreed.

Mrs Ford stressed that the UK already had some of Europe's most stringent gun laws and said her report will ensure this approach remains in place.


Read more at Harlow Star.

07 JAN 2016

East of England MEP Vicky Ford questions best way for EU to toughen up gun laws

Mrs Ford is concerned the initial gun control proposals published by the European Commission have "unintended consequences" that could affect museums, genuine collectors, sporting organisations and activities such as paint balling and historic re-enactments as well as the use of guns in films and television productions.

Europe already bans all automatic weapons, plus some semi-automatic guns widely available in the United States.

Read more at Herts & Essex Observer.

18 NOV 2015

MEP Vicky Ford visits technology firms working with NHS

MEP Vicky Ford took a closer look at a breath test to detect lung cancer and a wound dressing that brings oxygen on a visit to Cambridgeshire.

The two Cambridge-based companies have benefitted from reforms made in Brussels and championed by Vicky Ford.

Ford said, "This breath test is effective and cost effective and is a credit to the scientists involved. Also deserving much praise are the local NHS staff who are determined to improve cancer detection and are seeking new solutions to assist their cause. So much innovation comes from small companies which is why I worked for rule change and these projects I believe are just the start of what can be done."

Read more at cambridge news.

28 OCT 2015

Mobile phone data roaming charges to be abolished

Mobile phone data roaming charges to be abolished

Mobile roaming charges will be axed within the EU by the summer of 2017, after the European Parliament approved new rules in a vote today.

Mobile users will pay the same price as they do at home to make calls, send text messages and use data wherever they are in the EU from 15 June 2017.

Conservative MEP Vicky Ford said that the 'sensible timescale gives mobile operators the time to sort out the marketplace in preparation for the abolition of roaming fees.'

Read more at Which?

27 OCT 2015

EU extends package holiday protections to online pick-and-mix deals

EU extends package holiday protections to online pick-and-mix deals

The European Parliament on Tuesday approved new rules extending consumer protections provided with traditional package holidays to online travel deals.

The European Union's existing rules on package holidays date back to the 1990s, but the internet has since altered the way in which people book their travel arrangements. Tuesday's vote aimed to reflect this change.

"Holidays should be fun and relaxing, and it is important that these new rules provide reassurance for all holidaymakers that they have basic rights if their travel operator fails," said British EU parliamentarian Vicky Ford.

Read more European Online Magazine 

27 OCT 2015

Euro MPs Vote To Scrap Mobile Roaming Charges

Euro MPs Vote To Scrap Mobile Roaming Charges

Mobile phone roaming charges in the EU are to be scrapped by the middle of 2017 after new rules were formally approved by MEPs.

Consumers will first see a significant cut in the charges from next April, before the full changes take effect from June the following year.

Conservative MEP Vicky Ford said: "Ending mobile roaming fees from 2017 will be welcomed by millions of people, as they will be able to use their apps, make calls and send a text just as if they were at home.

"We have also ensured important safeguards to prevent excessive usage, and to make sure that phone operators are not forced to offer roaming services at a loss, meaning that domestic customers do not end up subsidising those customers who travel.

Read more at Sky News

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