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20 JAN 2016

Programme of activities of the Dutch Presidency (debate)

Vicky Ford speaking on the programme of activities of the Dutch Presidency.

18 JAN 2016

Personal protective equipment

Thank you for the opportunity to speak on the issue of personal protective equipment. This file has been an interesting case study of: -how the single market operates for both businesses and consumers across the EUs 28 different countries, -The roles of the commission, Europe council of min...

11 NOV 2015

Zero Rating Practice

Mr President, every person in Europe has the right to access the online content they want and use the applications they wish without discrimination or interference, and all internet traffic must be treated equally. We have just agreed new rules across Europe that enshrine these principles into o...

27 OCT 2015

Mobile Data Roaming Debate

  Mr President, in recent years people have travelled across Europe for their holidays, only to come home to a nasty shock when their phone bill arrives. Ending mobile roaming fees will be welcomed by millions of people.Safeguards have been put in place to prevent excessive usage and to make...

27 OCT 2015

Mobile Data Roaming

Mr Helmer, many millions of people from across your region and my region use their phones. I do not want to push up their domestic prices, but I do want to them to be able to use their phones affordably when they travel across Europe. This is why, in the two years of negotiations, we have put in...

27 OCT 2015

Commission Work Debate

  Mr President, we need to focus on the economy, boosting competitiveness, innovation and trade, both across the single market and beyond, in traditional sectors and in the digital age. There is much in the work programme that I can agree with.I have said that every EU initiative should face...

06 OCT 2015

Emission Measurements in Automotive Sector

Madam President, for the vast majority of consumers buying a car is the single biggest purchase they make in their lives after they have bought a home. This Volkswagen scandal is not just about money. It is about health as well. Cheating the standards brings a massive and fundamental breach of ...

21 SEP 2015

Consumer and Competition Day Conference Luxembourg 21 September 2015

CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY Thank you very much for inviting me to speak today. This meeting comes at an important and busy time for the Single Market and digital policy. By the end of the year, we expect announcements from the commission on geoblocking, parcel delivery, consumer rights and copyright....

16 SEP 2015

Conclusions of the Justice and Home Affairs Council on migration

Madam President, this is an unprecedented situation, because many millions of people are trying to escape horrific wars. But countries are helping in different ways: my Polish colleagues have talked to me about the hundreds of thousands of people who have escaped from Ukraine into Poland; my Cro...

09 SEP 2015

Migration and refugees in Europe

Mr President, we face an unprecedented situation and we must prioritise helping refugees fleeing horrific wars, both with their immediate needs and to give them hope and support for the longer term. But different countries can help in different ways and we should stop the finger-pointing. In the...

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