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09 FEB 2015

Internet Governance Forum

                        Mr President, our internet must be open, yet safe; accessible, yet affordable; exciting, diverse and dynamic. We in Europe start from a great position: the World Economic Forum has listed the most ...

28 JAN 2015

Vicky begs the EU Council to help micro businesses

  Madam President, we need investment. We need private sector investment and investors, entrepreneurs and small businesses need to know that we are on their side. My email box is full of horror stories of small business which have shut and stopped trading in the fasting growing sector of our...

20 JAN 2015

British Chambers of Commerce - 20th January 2015

British Chambers of Commerce Reception- Brussels  Thank you for inviting me to speak today. It is a pleasure to support the British Chamber in Belgium and thank you for the work that you do to ensure concerns of the business community and stakeholders are heard across all the activities of the...

15 JAN 2015

Commission work programme 2015

On behalf of the ECR Group In the votes on the seven group motions on the Commission work programme the ECR only voted for its own text. The ECR motion offered a detailed and comprehensive assessment of the 2015 work programme. The motion gave a cautious welcome overall to the general approach tak...

13 JAN 2015

Possibility for the Member States to restrict or prohibit the cultivation of GMOs

Madam President, if we are to feed the world's growing population and combat weather changes and diseases, then we must harness the best science in crop areas. The stalemate on GM has gone on for far too long, and for that reason I support this vote, which returns decision-making to Member States. T...

13 JAN 2015

Conclusions of the European Council meeting (18 December 2014) (debate)

Mr President, the EU does need to change: there are serious problems in many Member States. Our national leaders need to listen more closely to the people, and we in this Chamber need to listen more closely to our national leaders. There are still deep problems in many European economies. We nee...

17 DEC 2014

Palestine Statehood

I have opted to abstain on this resolution on Palestine since the recognition of a state falls within the competence of the Member States. In my own Member State, the UK, the national parliament has voted in favour of recognising the State of Palestine. I have full respect for that decision. I hope ...

16 DEC 2014

Vicky speaks for the ECR on the Commission's Work Programme (debate)

Mr President, thank you for opening this session with a statement on the truly shocking news from Pakistan. As parents we take our children to school to learn and trust them to be safe, and our hearts go out to those families who have lost children today. We do face unprecedented challenges. Ou...

16 DEC 2014

Vicky responds to the EU Commission's 2015 Work Programme on behalf of the ECR Group

Delivered in Strasbourg: We face unprecedented challenges; our economies are under pressure, our resources are under pressure, our security is under pressure. Europe needs to Change. Commissioners you have talked about change – we need to see you deliver. We build our economies. Yes w...

20 NOV 2014

Vicky speaks in opposition to Cambridge Union Society debate

On the night of the Rochester and Strood by-election there was a packed house at the Cambridge Union. The motion under debate was "This House believes UKIP has been good for British Politics". On the way into the chamber 27% of the audience said they were minded to vote FOR the motion. By the en...

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