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16 DEC 2014

Vicky responds to the EU Commission's 2015 Work Programme on behalf of the ECR Group

Delivered in Strasbourg: We face unprecedented challenges; our economies are under pressure, our resources are under pressure, our security is under pressure. Europe needs to Change. Commissioners you have talked about change – we need to see you deliver. We build our economies. Yes w...

20 NOV 2014

Vicky speaks in opposition to Cambridge Union Society debate

On the night of the Rochester and Strood by-election there was a packed house at the Cambridge Union. The motion under debate was "This House believes UKIP has been good for British Politics". On the way into the chamber 27% of the audience said they were minded to vote FOR the motion. By the en...

16 SEP 2014

Unlocking opportunities for cross border trade using digital tools is vital for jobs and growth

The digital economy is no longer a subset of economic activity. Today every market has digital elements and Europe's single market must not be left behind. Unlocking the opportunities of our digital world is key to delivering jobs and growth. In the G20 the internet economy is forecast to grow ...

07 JUL 2014

Vicky makes her inaugural speech as IMCO Chair

This committee, under the excellent leadership of my predecessor Malcolm Harbour, had a reputation across the Parliament for working incredibly hard to reduce barriers to economic trade and growth, and simplify legislation to enhance competitiveness across the Single Market, while making improvement...

26 FEB 2014

Vicky Ford MEP comments on Switzerland and the Freedom of Movement

Mr President, freedom of movement is a very important principle of the EU, and I am very proud to live in a part of Europe where many people want to come and live. But we also need to recognise that migration can put significant pressures on public services and listen to the local communities' conce...

04 FEB 2014

Vicky speaks out against the proposals for a Financial Transaction Tax

Mr President, I cannot believe we are still spending time talking about the Financial Transaction Tax. This is not a Robin Hood tax – it is a Sheriff of Nottingham charge. History tells us that, when financial transactions are taxed, financiers leave. They move to other parts of the world, and...

04 FEB 2014

2030 framework for climate and energy policies

I did think my colleague, Mr Davies, was going to try and ask you to explain why the German subsidy for renewables is currently about a hundred times greater than the cost of the CO2 emissions it prevents, because surely that is a subsidy to be aware of. We will not make our carbon reduction ta...

04 FEB 2014

Better law making

Mr President, our businesses have to compete with others across the globe and, if we want growth and jobs, we need to allow them to be competitive. Politicians do not make jobs. Businesses do. The single market is meant to be about helping businesses to trade across borders, giving them easy access ...

29 JAN 2014

EU Space Policy Conference - European Commission

I am very honoured to be standing in the place of my friend and colleague, Amelia Sartori and to represent colleagues from the Industry, Research and Energy Committee of the European Parliament this morning. Our thoughts are with Amelia's family. The Industry Committee has many members who themselv...

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